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Wellness Feature Ideas: Our Top 3 Trends in 2019.

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

For wellness trend feature idea inspiration from the WHITEHAIR.CO portfolio of wellbeing clients, and to see some of the TRENDS that we see emerging, see below. And please do get in touch to request review opportunities/expert quotes.


Adult colouring books were among the key mindfulness trends of the last few years, and we anticipate that happiness workbooks will be the sequel. Research suggests that while there is a place for rethinking, there is much to be said for taking action to boost our wellbeing. While colouring books engage readers in mindful creativity, the new world of psychological workbooks take this a step further. They can us become happier and more resilient by engaging us on every page: you might be asked to write an letter, or answer a quiz, or do some drawing, all with the view to improving your wellbeing and effectively creating your very own self-help book along the way.

Rachel Kelly is a writer, public speaker and ambassador for various mental health charities including SANE and Rethink Mental Illness. Her new book - "Singing In The Rain: A Happiness Workbook” - which will be released on the 27th of December 2018 - is based on more than 50 psychological studies as well as feedback from those in the mental health world who have road-tested the exercises over the past year. Rachel says: “Thinking often makes me sad but doing rarely does. This book is full of stuff to do that has helped me manage my own mental health after a long history of depression and anxiety.”

With delightful illustrations, clear and easy to follow exercises, puzzles, and 52 activities for psychological health over the course of a year, this workbook has something for everyone. The exercises progress from simple ideas to add to your wellbeing toolkit to more subtle and nuanced strategies as time goes on.

You can find the full press release on Rachel’s new happiness workbook HERE.



Every time we buy something, we are essentially casting a vote.

We all know that unconscious consumption can have a negative impact on the environment, while we are increasingly starting to realise the negative impact on our own lives.

Breaking out of unhealthy consumption habits requires us to connect with ourselves and become mindful of our patterns and the underlying drivers behind them.

Palma Michel offers 1-2-1 coaching and workshops around conscious consumption, mentoring clients to help create more awareness around the underlying drivers behind their need to consume. Palma also helps her clients to renew their appreciation for what they already have and explores how they can feel lighter and more fulfilled with less in their lives.

For more about Palma and her work, head to her website HERE.



People seem to be waking up to the fact there is no perfect diet - and moving away from prescriptive eating. Instead wanting to incorporate more instinct to their eating habits.

Pandora Paloma is a Intuitive Living Coach, specialising in Intuitive Eating and Living, Self-love Empowerment and Body Neutrality. Her coaching and online Intuitive Eating & Living Programmes helps to override the myths that your mind has created about food and diet, helps you to break free from the ongoing battle with your body, and re-establish a relationship with your intuition.

You can find the full press release on Pandora’s new course HERE.

For further information, high-res images or preview copies, please contact:

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