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Updated: Jun 18, 2019

  • Busy Bee Well was created by Emily Claire Clarke, a qualified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

  • Busy Bee Well’s Anti-Inflammatory bespoke coaching and tailored help empowers clients to choose foods that will truly nourish and improve health and wellness.

  • As well as one-on-one coaching Emily offers healthy pantry makeovers, assisted market tours and private and semi private cookery classes

  • Throughout 2019 Busy Bee Well will be conducting a monthly Cookery School where attendees can have a fun night out-cooking and chatting with like minded people. The evening starts with a mini meditation and then whilst the group preps and cooks Emily explains the benefits of all the ingredients and how to "feel" the right amounts for a balanced lifestyle.

  • Emily’s coaching encourages clients to strive for progress over perfection, ensuring the life changing journey to better health is sustainable and enjoyable.

Most people feel they are too busy to be well these days. What with the stresses of modern life, many of us ignore our health only looking to remedies once we get sick. We are also often slaves to the newest diet or fad when it comes to weight loss, never thinking about the long terms consequences of what we are doing to our bodies. Emily Claire Clarke, Founder of Busy Bee Well, was in the same boat as many of us when it came to being oblivious about health and diet, that was until she experienced a life changing event in her early 20’s.

In early 2014, Emily was diagnosed with a rare chronic disease; Typical and Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, Hemiplegic Migraine, and Migraine with Aura. As time went on, the myriad of medications prescribed by the dentists, doctors, and surgeons became stronger; each pill, powder, and injection were accompanied by endless side effects. Emily finally consented to brain surgery in November 2014, putting her faith in the doctors to relieve her of the pain and suffering. Less than six months later, the pain returned. After undergoing failed brain surgery and suffering the side effects of more than 13 medications, Emily turned to food for a cure.

In May 2017 Emily enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and qualified as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Following these studies Emily turned her energy to food as medicine. After months of observing, learning, and researching Emily established a sustainable anti-inflammatory way of eating, drinking, and fighting disease. Following this epiphany, Emily founded Busy Bee Well in December 2017, making her wellness journey the inspiration for all her clients.

Busy Bee Well offers a range of programmes for those looking to learn more about an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, from gut health to changing their diets and mindset to lead a healthier life. Busy Bee Well also supports those looking for a more long term life changing journey by facilitating a complete overhaul from mind to body and beyond. All programmes begin with meeting Emily to discuss health history, current wellness concerns, and future wellness goals. This begins with an introductory consultation, known as the Discovery Session. Additionally, Busy Bee Well offers One Hour Sessions, Half Day Programmes, Three and Six Month Programmes. Emily also offers aided help in terms of picking the right foods and how to cook them with her healthy pantry makeovers, assisted market tours and private and semi private cookery classes. Emily throughout 2019 will be running a monthly Busy Bee Well Cookery School for a group of people who want to collectively learn more about what to eat and how to prepare delicious nutritious meals.

All Busy Bee Well programmes go beyond the basics of food. Clients discuss ways to bring balance to every element of their life - such as love, relationships, career, sleep and fitness. Since launching Busy Bee Well, Emily has supported the wellness journeys of many women including those suffering from chronic diseases to burnt out business women who want to improve their health for a brighter future. Emily’s main goal with launching Busy Bee Well is to support clients embarking upon a lifelong journey of enjoyable and sustainable wellness, something that is very close to her heart following her own battle with health and happiness.

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