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CASETiFY collaborates with Oscar winning film Parasite on exclusive collection of tech accessories

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

The modern day classic film, hailing from South Korea, teams up with global lifestyle brand CASETiFY to launch its first tech accessory capsule collection.

CASETiFY, the leading tech accessory brand for custom accessories, is teaming up with the multi award-winning Korean film, Parasite, to launch an international tech accessory collection, available to purchase from April 29th 2020. Celebrating the re-launch of Parasite in a new monochrome version, also available on April 29th 2020, fans of the film can expect to recognise many themes and symbols from the movie adapted to the first collection of this kind.

The Parasite x CASETiFY collection includes CASETiFY’s signature customisable phone cases, giving customers a new way to personalise their accessories with the brand’s first Morse Code collection. Paying homage to the film and the movie goer’s experience, fans will also be able to commemorate their viewing with a new collection of movie theatre ticket designs, featured on a variety of accessories for iPhone, Apple Watches, AirPods and AirPods Pros.

This is a collaboration we’re extremely proud of and excited to introduce to our community,” said CASETiFY CEO and Co-founder, Wes Ng. “The movie Parasite made history not only in the awards categories, but it also brought together people from all over the world through shared entertainment. We’re honoured to channel this celebration into our new collection of tech accessories.

Released in 2019, Bong Joon-ho's film Parasite has earned global recognition as the first non-English language film to win an Oscar for Best Picture. With various film awards, including Cannes International Film Festival and multiple Academy Awards, Parasite is elevating the reputation of Korean film internationally, inviting a new audience to experience Korean cinema. The film tells a story of the stark contrast between upper and lower class families, in a dark comedy that magnifies today’s society through familial relations, with a relatable portrayal crossing cultures and languages.

Parasite x CASETiFY is the latest addition to the creative program, CASETiFY Co-Lab. Partners in CASETiFY’s program include leaders in many industries, including entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and service. These collaborations are often recognised for recording thousands of waitlist members, selling out products within hours, and going viral on social media.

Starting April 29th, the entire Parasite x CASETiFY collection is available for purchase with prices starting from £28, shipping to 100 countries. For more information on the Parasite x CASETiFY collaboration, and to join the waitlist ahead of the launch, please visit:

For further information, high res images and product request, please contact:

Lady Charlotte Lynham


Founded in 2011, CASETiFY is recognised as the first and largest global platform for creativity and customisation, connecting individuals through their tech accessories. Today, CASETiFY serves as the leading Gen Z brand, delivering stylishly slim and drop-protected cases to millions of customers around the world.

Over the years, CASETiFY has expanded through three key channels: celebrity partnerships, retail channels, and brand design collaborations. Past highlights include launching both Sarah Jessica Parker and Pharrell William's first tech accessories collections, unique in-store activations with Colette, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie, online partnerships with and, along with tech capsule collections with Saint Laurent, Moncler, Vetements, DHL, The Pokémon Company, streetwear label BAPE, and global K-Pop group BTS.


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