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New Cosmetic Laser Treatment: 5D Face Refresh, exclusively created by Dr Ariel Haus

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

  • The 5D Face Refresh is a totally new facial rejuvenation treatment created by leading London dermatologist, Dr Ariel Haus

  • Consistent with Dr Haus’ extensive experience in working with lasers, the 5D Face Refresh is his latest creation

  • Dr Haus was the first dermatologist in London to have the technology used in this exclusive treatment.

The treatment incorporates 5 unique laser modes:

Laser Mode 1 - Intraoral Tightening and Plumping: Traditionally lasers have been limited to treating the outside surface of the skin. The latest lasers can now use controlled and gentle heating inside the mouth to stimulate collagen contraction and the growth of new collagen fibres. This is an ideal solution for anyone concerned by nasolabial folds (deep lines running down from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth) as the treatment will produce a plumping effect from the inside of the mouth, similar to a dermal filler. While the use of a laser inside the mouth sounds like it might be painful, the sensation during treatment has been easily tolerated by patients.

Laser Mode 2 - Rejuvenation: Tiny regional spikes of high temperature are delivered by a non-ablative laser which treats specific, deeper imperfections to complement the effect of the intraoral treatment.

Laser Mode 3 - Skin Tightening: This stage involves a different laser modality that causes bulk tissue heating safely and rapidly, from the outside in, by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously.

Laser Mode 4 - Peeling: A light ablative laser is used to give a pearl like finish to the skin. The result is an extremely controlled light peel, without thermal effects.

Laser Mode 5 – Fractionated Tightening: The final stage is a high-definition fractional treatment that precisely combines cold ablation and thermal effects, to help achieve a tightening result. The technology means that the skin is ablated more efficiently than predecessor technologies. This keeps undesired effects such as hyperpigmentation and persistent erythema, as well as recovery time, to a minimum.

Numbing cream is used to help reduce any discomfort, although this treatment is not regarded as painful. There is some downtime, with redness for a couple of days, then the flaking you’d expect with a peel. But within a week, skin should look more radiant with the visible benefits of this treatment to the skin including:





Sessions from £900

For details or trial sessions please contact:

Caroline Pycroft & Emma Whitehair

Dr Ariel Haus |140 Harley St, London W1G 7LB



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