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Ocushield Releases new iPhone 12 Medically Approved Anti-Bacterial Blue Light Screen Protector

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Sleep better, protect the skin and reduce anxiety...

  • Ocushield’s anti-blue light products have been developed by qualified optometrists and are medically approved by the UK government-led Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

  • Ocushield is now donating £1 from every purchase on Ocushield.com to its new partner - Royal National Institute of the Blind, one of the UK's leading charities for sight loss.

  • New antibacterial blue light screen protectors is available for the new iPhone 12.

  • 3 new styles and 3 new colourways of the blue light blocking eyewear have been added to the range.

Exposure to blue light is an increasing health concern. Especially with the COVID-19 lockdown meaning so, many are spending more time in front of screens. As it’s unrealistic to avoid screens completely, even for those who don’t have computer-based jobs, Ocushield has developed a range of products that seamlessly fit into modern day tech-dependent lifestyles.


EYE AND SKIN PROTECTION - The average adult spends 34 years looking at screens throughout their lifetime. Ocushield screen protectors limit blue light exposure by up to 90%, - protecting from 30 years of added exposure.

IMPROVED SLEEP - Ocushield is proven to reduce tiredness and insomnia through decreasing the disruption of melatonin levels.

INCREASED WELLBEING - The UK economy spends £40bn each year due to sleep deprivation-related issues such as tired skin, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches and anxiety - all of which are reduced with Ocushield.

SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE - £1 from every purchase on Ocushield.com will go to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, one of the UK's leading charities for sight loss (rnib.org.uk).


Ocushield has introduced three new blue light products covering the four new Apple devices that have launched on October 13th.

The iPhone 12 Ocushield screen protector will have:

  • A new anti-bacterial coating is suitable for breaking viral structures - the same way anti-bacterial hand gel is used to prevent the spread of germs. This means that though they won't be killed, the virus particles are stopped from multiplying and growing on the phone surface. With smartphones being 7x dirtier than a toilet seat and the continuation of the pandemic, this will help alleviate consumer concerns.

  • Super-strong tempered glass to protect the screen, while retaining a crystal-clear picture with no orange or yellow tinting, so that users continue seeing colours as before.

  • Ocushield’s unique applicator system still supplied for an easy three step application included, along with a handy installation video.


Now available in 3 new styles and 3 new colourways, the Ocushield non-prescription and prescription glasses block 95% of the most harmful blue light for retinal damage ( between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 50% from 420 to 500nm), significantly reducing eye strain and sleep disturbance. Unlike most oversized, orange-tinted blue-light-blocking glasses, Ocushield frames are minimal, lightweight and come in a variety of designs. The lenses have a barely noticeable yellow pigment to absorb blue light plus a special coating to repel blue rays, all while maintaining more than 95% transparency.


The blue light filtering Oculamp supports wellbeing during work and relaxation. The slimline, portable lamp has three settings:

  • Cool white to help with waking up and to reset the sleep-wake cycle.

  • Neutral white to promote focus when working and to avoid eye strain.

  • Soft warm light, ideal for winding down in the evening.

Ocushield provides anti blue light screen protectors to fit phones, tablets, computers and monitors. Screen protectors are also now also available for the iPhone 12 .

Ocushield Blue Light Screen Protectors retail from £24.99 and are now available to purchase HERE.

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