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New Launch: URWell The Holistic & Bespoke Virtual Health Concierge

  • URWell is a female-founded holistic wellbeing and fitness concierge platform.

  • Founders, Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson and Evren Celik Duru, are both mothers and ex-corporate professionals, who went on to qualify in Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga.

  • URWell offers in-depth 1-2-1 virtual consultations and assessments for new clients - covering lifestyle, diet, fitness and personal goals, in order to tailor membership programmes to individual needs.

  • URWell’s team of experts cover nutritional therapy, yoga, pilates. barre, bodyweight, strength training, HIIT, kickboxing, breathwork and meditation.

  • Packages include a mix of both pre-recorded and live personalised fitness sessions and classes.

URWell is a wellness concierge with a highly individualised approach, curating specific wellness programmes tailored to each client’s needs by a team of carefully selected wellness experts. Integrating physical and mental wellbeing, the URWell team helps clients achieve a healthier, sustainable lifestyle balance.

The URWell journey starts with a detailed health and fitness questionnaire and consultation, to ascertain specific needs. A month-long customised package is then created, which clients will be able to track via their own online dashboard, detailing what has been achieved and what is left to complete.

Packages available include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Corporate packages, all of which are made up of a combination of the following

  • 1:1 initial consultations with wellness coaches and nutritional therapists

  • Exercise programmes with weekly videos

  • 1:1 Workout, Breathwork, Meditation, and Stretch & Mobility sessions

  • Live group classes

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Follow-up consultations

There are also prenatal packages available with pregnancy and prenatal wellness and fitness experts.

Starting with a 1-2-1 consultation, the URWell team considers each individual client’s goals and lifestyle in order to create personalised solutions that are achievable and maintainable in the long term.

The expert team of URWell wellness, health and fitness coaches includes:

  • Marilia Chamon (Nutritional Therapy)

  • Laura Mitzman (Nutrition & Pregnancy)

  • Artur Paulins (Breathwork & Meditation)

  • Natalie Simmonds (Barre, Pilates, Yoga)

  • Luiz Fernando Madalena (Bodyweight, PT, Yoga)

  • Anna Henrika (Yoga & Meditation)

  • Dr Tijen Eren (Medicine and Lactation)

There is also complete flexibility in the URWell packages. For clients experiencing time constraints one week, or feeling exhausted another, the programme is reviewed and adapted accordingly. Similarly, should a Gold package client want to switch to a different package for the next month, this can be adjusted as needed as there are no long-term fixed memberships, everything is flexible and adaptable.

URWell aims to foster a community of like-minded people on their own wellness journeys, via regular social media discussions, community challenges, chat rooms and informative talks open to members.


URWell was founded by Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson and Evren Celik Duru, a PT and pilates teacher, and Yoga instructor respectively. Both come from corporate backgrounds in Finance and Law, but decided to follow their shared passion for wellness and fitness, taking steps to qualify in their respective fields.

Individually, Sabrina and Evren developed a roster of VIP clients that they supported with everyday challenges such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and other general wellbeing topics. In 2020 the pair decided to merge their expertise and unique skills to assist others in their wellness journey via a holistic and individualised wellbeing service that truly supports the client and puts their unique needs first. As a result, the idea of URWell was born.

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