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Create a sense of wellbeing - starting with your beauty regime.

For feature idea inspiration, to follow are just a few treatments and products from WHITEHAIR.CO's beauty clients. All with properties proven to help boost your mood and wellness, while beautifying.

Please do get in touch to request review opportunities/expert quotes.

Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals

Malavara is a new organic and vegan hair and body brand that has supercharged the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic ritual of hair and body oiling.

Stacked with Ayurvedic herbs, massaging with the Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir stimulates blood circulation at the follicular level, promoting thicker and faster hair growth. Dry, flaky and itchy scalp symptoms are relieved, as the triglyceride structure of the oils in the elixir allow it to deeply penetrate and nourish the epidermis of the scalp. While a head massage with the herbal oil can relieve tension headaches and promote better sleep.

Malavara’s Lime Vetiver Range also has mood boosting properties. Vetiver is known in India as the “oil of tranquility” and is prized because of its soothing, cooling, healing and uplifting qualities. While Patchouli is a calming and uplifting oil and a wide range of uses. It encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine to ease feelings of anxiety and stress, and is used as a digestive aid. It is also considered to be a meditative oil, given its grounding and harmonising qualities.

You can find the full Malavara press release HERE and more on the Lime Vetiver range HERE.


Rose Otto to improve your mood

The benefits of Organic Rose Otto is well known. In particular the olfactory connection with the mind to influence mood and wellbeing.

320Mhz uses Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil extracted from the petals of the Rosa Damascena, using gentle steam distillation. It takes fifty flower heads to create a single droplet of this precious oil.

The 320 MHz range is 100% Preservative -Free yet achieves an extended shelf life alongside high performance efficacy with its range of serum oils and liposoluble bio-actives.

A concise palette of superfood seed oils and plant extracts ensures that attenuation is avoided within the formulations and the preservative free environment ensures the life force of the plants remain alive and free of unnatural interference.

There is no water present in any of the products, simply a concentration of nature’s gifts.

Full press release with further information HERE.


More than just a...Massage

We often hear of people calling it quits on their devices, and looking for a digital detox.

Fortunately for the people of London, Ruth - the founder of London Holistic Therapy - offers a helping hand...

Ruth, specialises in providing relaxing and healing massages, and uses an exclusive diode mat that neutralises low level radiation within the body generated through the use of devices such as mobiles and laptops. Her one of a kind home treatment involves heated organic oils and healing music, and offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to detox and unwind.

More information on the unique treatment can be found HERE.

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