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Wellness Warrior: Men's Yoga Collective Runs 1000 MEN 1000 MATS Initiative For Movember

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Wellness Warrior leads the charge in the men’s yoga revolution to create the biggest all male yoga class in the world in aid of Movember.

  • A live streamed virtual yoga class will connect 1000 Men across the globe in support of men’s health charity, Movember.

  • The five-session digital series of yoga classes will take place across each Sunday in November.

  • Their mission is to enhance male physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and to raise £10,000 for the charity via ticket sales.

  • Gaining momentum week on week, 1000 MEN 1000 MATS counts names such as David Beckham as one of its many supporters

Led by international yoga teacher and Wellness Warrior co-founder, Caleb Jude Packham, 1000 MEN 1000 MATS is a unique initiative to galvanise a 1000 strong community of men to experience the power of Sattva Yoga.

1000 MEN 1000 MATS is a five week mind/body journey of transformation, with each week embracing a unique theme.

Here’s How It Works

Starting Sunday November 1st at 6.00pm GMT, 1.00pm EST and 10.00am PST

live from London, 50 men will begin the first 75 minute session and the quest

for what will become the biggest men’s yoga class in the world.

The following Sunday will look to double the amount of participants with 100 men taking part and gradually doubling the numbers each session looking to reach the 1000 total by the 5th week on November 29th.

To grow the movement and to make this happen participants need to spread the word and recruit a yoga buddy, a friend, father, brother, son, uncle or work colleague to return week after week - a huge effort aided by the support of household names such as David Beckham.

“We’re looking to connect a fast growing network of seasoned yoga devotees, absolute beginners and yoga sceptics,” says Wellness Warrior, Caleb Jude Packham. “Maybe you are yoga-curious but never had the courage to enter a yoga studio and assume it’s not your type of thing. Don’t be nervous or embarrassed. Even if you think you don’t have the right type of body for yoga, think again. 1000 MEN 1000 MATS provides the opportunity for all men to experience the healing tenets of yoga without having to leave home.”

1000 MEN 1000 MATS offers a place to recalibrate, recharge and reconnect all the while, doing it for a great cause!

November 1st: 50 MEN 50 MATS

The Release: The theme of this session is transcendence. Dispel old fears and negativity through a detoxifying practice designed to clear a path to freedom.

November 8th: 100 MEN 100 MATS

Right Here, Right Now: Control the present by being present. This class is all about the now. Establish balance and focus in a fun and energizing way.

November 15th: 200 MEN 200 MATS

Heart Over Mind: A dynamic full body practice focusing on opening up the heart in order to integrate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence. Heart intelligence is the key to access passion.

November 22nd: 400 MEN 400 MATS

Master Your Energy: Harness the infinite source of energy within. Master your energy, master your mind. Master your life!

November 29th: 1000 MEN 1000 MATS

The Upgrade: The final class in the series builds on everything previously covered. A euphoric Sattva yogic experience designed to awaken true authentic power and tap into infinite potential.

The event is supported by Lululemon, Absolute Collagen, Wanderlust, Sova Audio, Innerji, BALLESTRIN and WHITEHAIR.CO

About Wellness Warrior

Wellness Warrior launched in 2018 with experiential events set to live music in iconic London venues including Ministry of Sound and The View From The Shard.

Leading the charge in the men’s yoga revolution, Wellness Warrior has flipped the traditional female-heavy ratios to see men outnumber women in many of their events.

In 2019, Wellness Warrior curated 50 MEN 50 MATS which created a space for 50 male yoga virgins to come together for their first yoga experience, drop all guards and let loose on the mat for the first time.

For more information please contact:

Richard Brooks

+44 (0) 7896 746 425


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