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TheaWellbeing launches MELO - The Innovative New Relaxation Aid

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

TheaWellbeing, an independent wellbeing startup, is now launching to market with its flagship product - the MELO.

  • A small handheld device, MELO encourages a mind-body connection through breathing exercises.

  • As opposed to popular breathing apps and graphics, MELO is unconnected and offers haptic as well as visual cues.

  • The tool has been designed to help with anxiety, stress and simply aid realignment during the day.

  • Extremely user friendly, the device is rechargeable, portable, and comes with various accessories so it can be attached to bags, pockets and more whilst on the move.

As life is starting to get back to a “new normal”, so is the accompanying stress of being busy. And studies have shown that, though the pandemic brought its own anxieties, re-entry is also causing a spike in anxiety. There is a solution though.

The benefits of breathing exercises have been a hot topic over the past year, with the stratospheric rise of breathwork and mindfulness. Enter MELO - a unique, beautiful looking and easy-to-use gadget that helps users incorporate breathwork into daily routines whilst encouraging moments of un-connected calm. Taking just a short #melomoment to disconnect from the stresses of daily life can help to relax, focus and quieten an anxious mind and body. MELO has received great feedback from users so far.

Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, all the user needs to do is switch on the MELO and select their breathing pattern. The light will then guide you through a choice of three breathing exercises. This process helps to regulate breathing and promote a feeling of wellness. Users can choose between a light guide, haptic cues or a combination of the two, depending on preference.

“We recommend users start with a straightforward 4-4 breathing pattern, before slowing breathing to a more advanced pattern as their familiarity with the MELO develops,” says Matt Berger, CEO of TheaWellbeing.

This process can be conducted at the user’s own pace, and it is possible to choose between light functions or vibrations to ensure the optimum breathing rhythm. The MELO is compact and portable, ensuring it can be taken wherever life takes the user.

About TheaWellbeing

TheaWellbeing is a wellness startup dedicated to creating the most innovative new wellness products, which combine great functionality with an emphasis on superior design.

The founders first conceived the idea for the company as they talked about their personal experience with sleep, stress and anxiety. And the name, TheaWellbeing, takes its name from the Greek god Pasithea, the god of relaxation – making their first product launch an appropriate one.

MELO's launch marks their official entry into this marketplace - and is being supported by a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help gain support for product development.

“We like to think of TheaWellbeing as a company that tries to make the world a slightly better place by designing beautiful intuitive products that help the user achieve a more mellow state of mind…” - Matt Berger, CEO of TheoWellbeing.

MELO, £59.99, can be found at

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