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Posture Shirt® 2.0 and InterActive Bra for better posture launches in the UK via ActivePosture

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

  • UK startup company ActivePosture has teamed up with the California based apparel innovator AlignMed as the exclusive UK distributor of Posture Shirt® 2.0 and InterActive Bra to the UK market.

  • The Posture Shirt® 2.0 features exclusive patented NeuroBand technology inspired by Kinesio-taping. And is an approved medical device in CE (class 93/42/EEC) and by the FDA - a guarantee that the product is effective, tested and safe to use.

  • Celebrity fans include NBA sports stars and Justin Bieber

  • ActivePosture clothing helps to improve posture when sitting, standing or on the move.

According to the NHS 8 in every 10 people in the UK are affected by back pain at some stage in their lives. With poor posture often leading to back related issues, people can now find relief by wearing the Posture Shirt® and InterActive Bra from ActivePosture.co.uk.

Unlike traditional compression tops, ActivePosture clothing do not overtake muscle

functionality or brace the user. Instead, they make the user aware of his or her posture. This process leads to the activation of the back muscles making these stronger. As it is the muscles doing the work, not the shirt/bra, over time the user will gain muscle memory and still feel the effect when the shirt/bra are not worn. This ensures that after around 6 months, the user will no longer be dependent on ActivePosture clothing, but will be able to feel and correct the posture without wearing them.

Over time, clothing from ActivePosture has been found to reduce pain caused by poor posture. Featuring patented NeuroBand technology, the fabric is moisture wicking and antimicrobial - making the clothing perfect for wearing when exercising.

”The Posture Shirt® and InterActive Bra has helped over 500,000 people worldwide. We are proud to introduce these superior and innovative products to the UK customers. It offers an affordable and lasting solution to those struggling with poor posture and all discomfort that comes with it”, says Daniel Shilemay, the CEO of ActivePosture.

InterActive Bra in Black

InterActive Bra in Blue

Additional information on the Posture Shirt® 2.0 and InterActive Bra can be found on the ActivePosture website.

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