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Community Clothing Joins Manchester’s We Invented the Weekend Festival, Promoting Circularity & Supporting Local Industry with the Big Community Jumble Sale

This weekend, Community Clothing will be back for the second year at the We Invented The Weekend Festival in Salford, a joyous celebration of the workers of the north of England fighting for, & winning the right to, two days off work each week.

This year Community Clothing will be running the Big Community Jumble Sale, selling second hand CC clothes, slight factory seconds, shoot samples, studio samples and various other pieces the team have unearthed at the various factories they work with. The fantastic range of pieces available will all be sold for about a quarter of what a new version would usually cost. It's all part of the brand’s mission to make good clothes available to all, and to remind everyone that great quality clothes will last a very long time, and will get better with age.

Community Clothing understands that we need to make big changes to the way we consume. We need to buy less, buy better and move from the destructive linear make-use-dispose model, to a beneficial climate and people positive circular use-reuse-repair-recycle-repeat model. 

Where: Media City, Salford

When: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2024

Opening hours: 10am – 5pm on Saturday and 11am – 5pm on Sunday.

You can buy a copy of Community Clothing founder Patrick Grant’s book LESS and get it signed by Patrick on the day. You can also watch Patrick Grant talking all things LESS at 1pm on the Talks Stage.

Community Clothing is based in Blackburn and today works with 42 UK clothing and textile factory partners. Of these 14 are within an hour of the Manchester pop up and the brand hopes that the event will also help highlight the benefits of local clothing production, both for the many jobs it supports and its role in reducing environmental impact.  


Community Clothing is a British clothing brand and social enterprise founded in 2016 by award winning clothing designer and judge on BBC One’s The Great British Sewing Bee Patrick Grant. Community Clothing do good things for people and communities in the UK, creating jobs where they’re needed most. The mission is simple; to sell great quality clothes at prices people can afford; to make these clothes in the best British factories from the finest natural materials; and by doing this to create work and support skilled jobs in regions of the UK that need them most. 

In short, Community Clothing sell great quality clothes, at affordable prices and by doing so create loads of fantastic jobs in places that really need them.

To date Community Clothing have created 279,000 hours of work and supported 1,880 jobs. Community Clothing have a network of 42 partner factories all over the UK, located predominantly in the Northwest, Yorkshire, the East Midlands and South Wales. 

Community Clothing has developed a unique business model that keeps costs super low, enabling the brand to make clothes in the very best UK factories from the best materials, and still sell them at affordable price. The unique business model utilises Off-Peak Production, creates seasonless, brilliant basics, supports ultra local supply chains and promotes radical simplicity.


Up until the 19th century, everyone in the UK worked a 6-day week. In 1843, workers’ rights activists launched a campaign to finish early on Saturdays in Greater Manchester. They won, and in doing so, invented the weekend – a gift to workers the world over. We Invented the Weekend is marking this enormous achievement with a new and imaginative free festival from Salford. One massive, colourful, exciting weekend of music, theatre, sport, workshops, dancing, laughs, and more to celebrate the joy of free time.

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