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CBD - Your skincare ‘secret weapon’ to treat and prevent Eczema.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

CBD is fast becoming a go-to for relieving symptoms such as stress, anxiety, pain and aiding a restful nights sleep. With consumers becoming more conscious about using naturally derived ingredients, CBD products are becoming increasingly more popular with their multitude of noticeable benefits as education continues to grow.

CBD specialists Molecule Health at Westbourne Grove offers a wide range of natural skincare products that can help relieve the symptoms of Eczema - from early stage prevention, to treatment once there is already an outbreak.

Molecule Founder, Daniel Zemmour states: “When treating eczema there are normally two stages to address: firstly there’s a need to repair the skin barrier and improve hydration. Secondly there’s a need to reduce inflammation in areas where there is an active rash, which is where CBD topical treatments can help.”

It’s estimated that 15 million people in the UK are living with eczema, and recent studies have shown that CBD creams and balms can help to protect the skin, as cutaneous cannabinoid signalling is deeply involved in the maintenance of skin homeostasis, barrier formation and regeneration.

Daniel adds: “We know that CBD has skin calming and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in treating skin conditions such as eczema. The body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) forms part of your immune system control - so, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues can be a sign of problems within your immune system.”

Having seen some customers who suffer with stress, also getting skin flare-ups at the same time, Molecule can recommend a variety of CBD remedies to act as a preventative measure, to be used before the irritation and inflammation become more noticeable.

Molecule has both topical and ingestible forms of CBD, and recommends Kiskanu’s Day Drops (£100, 1000 mg) to help alleviate feelings of stress and to support our immune system daily (by working with our internal ECS system) - preventing external signs of skin irritation.

If the skin is irritated, see one of Molecule's favourite best-selling products: Kiskanu’s Skin Rub (£40.45, 250MG), which has active ingredients like St John’s Wort along with CBD, that helps to regenerate moisture within the skin.

This can be used alongside Shea Brand's multifunctional Pain Reliever Balm (£45.00, 50 MG) which is great for irritated skin. The potent source of CBD in the balm has anti-inflammatory effects which help to promote a decrease in itchiness, stress and pain. Vitamin E reduces redness, inflammation and dryness, whilst Shea Butter aids moisture retention by creating a protective layer on the skin. This combination of ingredients work together in synergy to boost each other - producing noticeable results.”

All CBD products mentioned are available exclusively at Molecule which aims to source the highest quality of CBD products available, all of which are triple-batched tested by vigorous methods in the laboratory. Molecule also offers 1-2-1 consultations with a CBD expert within its calming space in Westbourne Grove; where products are recommended and tailored to each individual’s needs. As you step inside the luxurious haven, a sense of calm and balance is restored within the ‘Instagrammable’ space which even boasts a relaxing cafe area with organic CBD coffee and mood-boosting adaptogen lattes. With its ‘inside-out’ approach to wellbeing, Molecule offers a range of different, invigorating classes throughout the week within their intimate fitness studio downstairs. Classes include CBD yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, sound baths and meditation which are all available to book online. If you are unable to attend the store for your individual consultation, an expert can speak to you over the phone and guide you to the right product through their online shop at

For further information, images, and samples, please contact:

Zoja Minic

+44 (0) 7715 244 678



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