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Social Enterprise 'The One Movement' Launches Crowdfund & Exceeds $25K Target In 24 Hours

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Founded by Hollywood-based actor Petrice Jones, The One Movement is on a mission to educate, empower and support people and projects on the frontline of the fight to protect our planet. The goal being to make a positive environmental impact with beautiful and eco-friendly products connected with powerful sustainability projects.

Launched via Indiegogo on 16th October 2020, The One Movement crowdfunding campaign surpassed its target of $25,000 USD within just 24 hours. And, as part of the campaign (which will run until end of November 2020), backers can pre-order the first The One Movement product - the eco-friendly stainless steel One Bottle.

The One Movement has partnered with Plastics For Change (India), to fund the ‘Namma Mane’ project (meaning ‘Our Home’), which works with local waste collectors to collect plastic from ocean-bound waterways to be recycled into construction material used to build homes. Purchasing just one of these reusable water bottles removes the equivalent of 2000 single-use plastic bottles from ocean-bound waterways in India. Where a single One Bottle removes 20kg of plastic, 1000 of the One Bottle can build an entire home - with the first already having completed construction.

The One Movement is committed to effecting genuine long-lasting change. Starting by being a vehicle to facilitate a reduction in the consumption of single-use plastics, while educating on the importance of a low impact lifestyle. With future ambitions including expanding its product range to anything that is usually made of single-use plastics, as well as partnering with more charities to maximise and diversify the movement’s positive impact as much as possible.

The One Bottle is available for pre-order via the Indiegogo page HERE, with shipping from March 2021 onwards.

About The Founders:

Petrice first came to his environmental vocation when confronted with the vast amount of wastage on film sets and shoots, where up to 100,000 plastic bottles are said to be used for just a few hundred people. Realising there was a much bigger problem to be tackled, and with a much larger opportunity for global impact, Petrice and serial entrepreneur (and friend) Jade Sehbat came up with the idea of The One Movement.

The One Movement has already grown into a global network of experienced entrepreneurs, product specialists and environmental activists who have seen the damage done to the planet and its people, and want to make a difference. Combined, they have decades of real-world experience bringing purpose-led brands and award-winning products to the world.

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