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Flares are back….and can someone remind us why we ever stopped wearing them?

Taking part in a yoga class, running errands or even relaxing at home; match the vibe with a pair of super flattering Silverwind flared leggings.

Providing a graceful, curved silhouette, they are made from a buttery-soft fabric, meaning you may never want to wear anything else.

Not only are they perfect for all things yoga, but they’re also super chic for everyday wear and are made with recycled plastic bottles, meaning they are 100% recyclable!

Silverwind’s AW22 designs match the brand’s core values – free movement, solidarity with nature and unique style, in clothes that empower you to let yourself glow.

Inspired by the natural texture of rock, Silverwind’s designer has abstracted the idea to present it in a free, flowing and changeable form in Illusion, creating a sense of natural psychedelia. Price: £60.00.

Romantic and mysterious hues of lavender and sapphire combine into freely-arranged diamond patterns for a full-on bohemian vibe in Bella. This print is a standalone stunner, designed for active belles. Price £60.00.

In Autumn mid-waisted flares, solid colours represent the changing colours of leaves in different seasons. £52.00.

Inspired by the bohemian spirit of freedom, passion and romance, just like their namesake from Greek Mythology, these Adeline flares are gentle, kind and beautiful outside, but tough and strong inside. Price: £60.00

Inspired by indigenous American styles, Exotic is detailed with subtle, ditsy florals in creams and neutral yellows to form into a geometric diamond shape, and created to make you stand out from the crowd. Price: £60.00

Designed for rolling yoga poses and chic street styling, this style is a must-have for your wardrobe. The HeyCloud fabrics are ultra soft and lightweight, and feel just like clouds! Four-way stretch for a move-with-you feel. Moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-bacterial. Price: £52.00.

All Silverwind garments are available in 12 different size options, with petite or regular fit.

Samples are available for shoots and review. You can view the full collection here

For press requests and imagery please contact:

Vanessa Munnings

+44 (0) 7907 174 770



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