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Universal Performance Just Launched A Unique Twist On A Classic Puffer Coat

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The puffer coat trend shows no sign of slowing down this winter, and Universal Performance (UP) has just put a unique spin on the classic, loved puffer with its first ever quilted poncho. It’s £230, available to purchase exclusively online and below we explain exactly what makes this vegan-friendly coat so special.

The design of the poncho:

  • It has a striking, signature silhouette— the fluted sleeves and loose, flared fit on the body mean it can be layered over even the thickest of jumpers.

  • The quilting is lightweight and isn’t bulky, meaning it can easily fit it in a suitcase or a gym bag.

  • The poncho has launched in four colours, black, cream, an inkey grey and a saturated royal blue, which will go with all winter outfits.

  • Small design tweaks enable flexibility with the styling, as it has a high neck buttoned collar that can be turned up or down and there is an inner strap on the arms which enables the sleeves to be raised.

Why it’s a wear-everywhere coat:

UP creates performance clothing that looks chic outside of the gym, and the poncho would be useful for exploring in the evenings after skiing or to keep warm after a chilly wild swimming session. It is insulated with high loft thermal padding which is evenly spread throughout the poncho, meaning you can really rely on it to keep warm. It’s not just for bracing the elements or to be worn with gym leggings—it also looks great with jeans for any weekend plans.

Vegan-friendly alternative to down puffer coats:

  • The padding is also a more animal-friendly alternative to goose down puffer coats, making it a 100% vegan-friendly option.

  • The poncho is made with comfortemp® down feel thermal insulation, which is soft, lightweight, breathable and can even be washed in the washing machine.

UP’s ethical and sustainable practices:

UP is an ethical activewear brand, which wants to make people feel their most confident when in the gym, but the team is also passionate about pushing themselves to constantly improve technologies and find ways to be more sustainable.

The website clearly lists its commitments and the brand is transparent about its sustainable and ethical practices, such as:

  • Producing clothes in smaller runs to minimise over production

  • Creating new fabrics from old UP performance clothing that has been returned by customers

  • Never supporting flash sales

  • The protective bags are fully recycled and the outer packaging is made from eco-friendly, carbon-neutral sugar cane, which is known to be the greenest material.

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