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London’s first 100% plant-based delivery service, ZEBRA, is crossing London in time for Veganuary…

A world of plant-based abundance, ZEBRA, is a one-stop-shop and wholefoods-hub for nutritious produce and products. Eating well just got even better, and for the first time for lucky Londoners even easier, with ZEBRA’S unique, exclusively plant-based delivery service that has been seamlessly designed to make shopping nutritious, healthy, simple and inspiring.

With Veganuary and a New Year on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for many people to reassess their eating habits, making food swaps and diet changes that their body will love them for. This is sustainable, fuss free shopping delivered straight to the door.

ZEBRA is a bountiful marketplace with all the best products on the market that are completely plant-based, healthy and delicious. ZEBRA makes shopping that much easier, working with a range of the best and most recognised plant-based brands around the world, readily available in just the click of a mouse. Their sophisticated and innovative delivery service only uses electric vans and as such ensures a fair price and avoids unnecessary emissions.

Veganism is one of the most popular food movements of our time, people are more conscious and concerned than ever to make better food choices that don’t harm the planet. ZEBRA is focused on the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. Its goal is to provide consumers with a marketplace housing a variety of food and products that are completely sustainable, organic, and healthy for people and the planet.

The start of the New Year is always a great time to reflect and make changes for the better. When it comes to diet, going plant-based is not only beneficial for our body but also for the environment and our planet. Introducing healthier meal plans is a great start, focusing on food that is built from whole ingredients, without all the unnecessary added nasties. ZEBRA wants to make healthy living a little more inspiring, with great tasting products from all around the world, championing small to medium producers who want to make a difference.

How are ZEBRA ahead of the game?

  • First 100% plant based and ‘Free From’ delivery service in London

  • Product and brand transparency - each brands profile explains how the product was made and its journey

  • Earth friendly electric vans are used for delivery

  • Personal service, assisting each customer to ensure a seamless shopping experience and offering help to guide customers to products that work for them

  • Collaborating with small, to medium producers

  • An extensive range, offering plant-based products from all over the world

ZEBRA was started by Ezio Menga & Emanuele Angeloni, who are both passionate about bettering the food industry. With backgrounds in busy, fast paced roles they both noticed a gap in finding quality, nourishing delivery products.

“The idea of Zebra was born from necessity. I wanted a better and healthier lifestyle for myself. When I started my journey as a Flexitarian, I ran into many challenges: I did not know what to eat, how to cook it, and most importantly where to get it. The Zebra team wants to help all those people that are struggling with any sort of food allergy or intolerance, and of course any people who just want to feel better. We want to facilitate the process of ordering food or other products to your home through one platform only, instead of ordering from different stores and taking ages for the pack to arrive. We believe in sustainability and that since the world is changing, so should we.” Ezio Menga, Co-founder

For further information on ZEBRA visit

For press enquiries, please contact:

Rebecca Kantrowitz

07515 716 087

For influencer/creator enquiries please contact:

Jessica Bush


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